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Should have updated this ages ago.     ….but you all know the excuse and it isn’t a very good one.   So here’s the scoop:

First –   Mom and Dad have a new home phone number.   I know your address book has enough scratched out numbers for these two but this one came with high-speed internet and cable.  So find the white out and jot this one down         541-759-1076.   

Second but more important is our appreciation for all your thoughts and prayers and also the visits.   Which have been encouraging and enjoyable.   

The  “Pedros made the most recent visit with their grown son Walter.   Over breakfast we reminisced about the Covina friends and caught up on old times.  So if your ears were burning, that’s the reason.   For all who remember them, Wallace and Carol are now happily working with a Samoan group near Seattle.  

Another reunion brought most of the family together over the Labor day weekend.    It was a full house, motor home (the beast) and several hotel rooms that housed this brood of Cooks.   Dad’s only concern was that the septic system would hold out.   It did and they enjoyed every minute of the chaos.     We missed those who couldn’t make it but the invitation is still open…  Any and all of You are welcome anytime.

Health wise;  Dad seems to be  holding his own.   Beside the aches and pains that pick and choose the days they want attention Dad has found some time to fish.   This is a good thing.   In fact he’s been providing fish for a few others.   There’s only so much that we can eat and the friends are more than happy for the tasty fare.    

Mom is finally on the right track for her health too.   It took a minor stroke which effected her left hand before she would see the sense of getting medication for her blood pressure.   She’s now doing better, but she still has to be reminded to take her meds.    

So it looks like I’m going to stay on as resident nurse.   Ha!   More like resident nag….  Mom did you take your pills?   Dad, did you?  Is this role reversal or what?  Maybe not, because Dad still catches me.  “Daughter, you left the lights on!”    My excuse?  I’ve left them on for you.   So come for a visit too.

October 2009

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