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I’m glad to report that Dad is definitely improving.   He now tops the scales at 160lbs.  A far cry from the 144 just about a month ago.   And thankfully the headaches seem to be diminishing too. 

Dad had more blood work done yesterday before going out in service and an afternoon call from the Doctor’s office directed him to start taking iron.   He has an appointment next Wednesday so we’ll be armed with a few more questions about the tests that were run at the hospital.  But like I said there is a real improvement in his overall health.  He’s even singing around the house again.  THAT is a great sign that he is feeling better.   So thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes you have been offering. Though still not ready to fell the rest of his forest, Dad is making himself useful with the weed wacker.   With the rain we’ve had here the past several days, it’s a chore not likely to be done anytime soon. 

This past week we all enjoyed Kyle and Stephanie’s visit.  And aside from spending plenty time around the table reminiscing about old times and indulging in favorite family recipes we were able also to enjoy a local seaside port.   Bandon is about 40 minutes south of here and garners quite a bit of tourist traffic.  Quaint with lots of shops and galleries, we managed to peruse each one and still find time to collect some more rocks for Mom’s garden as we walked the beach.   Dad hasn’t been up to joining us for these day trips though I’m beginning to think that it really isn’t because of his health.  He just doesn’t enjoy the crowds and now he can claim a legitimate excuse for staying at home with his cross word puzzles. 

Still no net but I found a Coffee house in town with service so it looks like this is going to have to do.  Cell service is spotty at the house and though dial up is available, it just can’t keep up with loading these pages quickly enough.  I posted a new picture of Dad and Mom taken 2 weeks ago.  Compared to the one Tamie posted from last month you can see how well he is “filling in”.   I’ll take another and post again soon so you can all chart his progress.    Until then know that we all are so appreciative of your loving concern and that we are returning the love with our own prayers for each of you.

If you think the world is over-populated, you haven’t tried to get Internet Service in North Bend Oregon. Granted, I’m asking for the moon in a request for high-speed or DSL service, but to date, it’s not available in this picturesque little spot off HWY-101. I’m dictating this post to Tamie to type over the phone. How frustrating! So now it looks like I’ll just have to reach for the stars instead and opt for satellite service if I expect to be able to work from home.

Speaking of which, the Cook’s front door still swings wide open for anyone inclined to sit a spell and talk, play a hand of cards, or meander with us on a sight-seeing trip around town. It’s been like “old home” this week with a visit from Michael, our cousin; Roger & Elena, along with Jason; and Marta and her girls.  Busy, busy week and Dad was up for all of it. Kyle and Stephanie called today and they will be here the day after tomorrow. Phew! I’m going to be the one in need of a rest! 

When Michael arrived, we drove to meet Roger and Elena in Coo’s Bay, where Roger was organizing a Tuna Tournament. Michael was able to resume his sailing career for a day, deep-sea fishing on one of the smaller boats he’s ever commanded. Not that Roger’s boat is small, but on 4-ft seas, 50 miles out, any fishing vessel becomes an E-Ride.  (Now I’m dating myself, you do remember Disneyland right?) They managed to come in fourth place and provided fish for the Oregon Food Bank and a good number of Mom and Dad’s local friends. Which means I will be eating fish for quite a while.

Marta, Shae, and Skye came and Mom and I picked wild blackberries to make a cobbler, walked the beach so Mom could collect rocks and barbecued fresh oysters on the grill. We played tourists in Old Town Florence window shopping. Dad wisely opted out of these activities other than enjoying the hot cobbler with ice cream. He is trying to gain weight after all.  All in all we had a very pleasant weekend and it was enjoyed by all.

Mom and Dad and I spent two days preparing their mobile home so that we could rent it out to a local brother and sister from their Congregation; which is a welcome relief. They don’t have to worry about the upkeep on it now.

Since I’ve been here, Dad has added a few more pounds and managed to do most of what he pleases; except for the roof thing. (Go up on the roof and clean the chimney.)  I found a very nice brother at the Hall, who showed up yesterday morning bright and early to do that job. GOOD! Now thats done for another month or two.

Dad’s weight has held this week at 155.  Other than constant headaches, he still thinks he is doing pretty good. He is really enjoying the visits from family, the cards and the loving support that he is receiving from all of you. What little he saw of this web site, the first day that I got here, brought tears to both Mom and Dad’s eyes.  Again, they are looking forward to seeing this and being able to respond; which hopefully will be some time this week.

Now were headed out the door to attend their Congregations Book Study…Kyle called and he’s on his way, sooner than expected, so we got work to do.

Take Care and Thanks Again…We Love You All.


Randy and I attended another District Convention in the City of Long Beach to work in the Rooming Department this past weekend…while most of the Cook family were busy entertaining at home in Oregon.  We saw a lot of old friends from Covina and South Gate and they were all inquiring about Dad and sending him well-wishes… So here Dad…here are some hugs sent your way from:

Glorine Quidor—Who came to the Convention to work on the drama.  She was in charge of putting on the beards for some of the Bible characters…including the Apostle John.

Johnny Padilla—Little Johnny Padilla is not so little anymore. He is the WT Conductor for the Glendora Congregation now. All the Padilla’s are in Covina and are doing well.

Linda and Parker Satterlee– Still living in La Habra and wants to come and visit you and mom.

Casi and Nancy Saldana— They look GREAT. Their daughter Julia and husband Carlos had a part on the Convention with their two daughters.

Heinz (Bikoffsky) Sp?—He and his wife, Linda, send their love.

Louis and Tammy Miller–Their daughter Amanda was here from Seattle and they all want you to know that they are thinking about you.  Louie had his first talk at a District Convention and did a great job.

Alonso Brim– He and Mary were there and say hi also.

Kerry Evanoff was there with his three boys and sends his love.

Tyler Soriano and Adele Lanes– (Dustin’s Best Man)  He and Adelle send hugs. They are busy planning their wedding now and look so happy.

Joe and Linda Alvarez, Dan and Laura Romero, Anthony Woodward, Mel Behr and daughter, Lynn Jones—They are keeping you in their prayers too.

I’m sure I’ve forgot some, but everyone who knows you asked about you and Mom and send their love. It was nice seeing faces I haven’t seen for a while. We are certainly blessed with a wonderful family in Jehovah’s Organization and it is so wonderful to know that they care so much.

Okay….enough for now.  I am going to call Teri later today and get a heads up on everything I missed this weekend. I spoke with her on Saturday for just a bit, but need to get all the details. I am so bummed I missed out. So the next post will be all about Michael’s visit.

I have talked with a lot of people who say they are logging in and reading our posts. Thanks for your continued support and love and hey…sign the Guest Book as many times as you like. We love you all!

I am happy to announce that Dad is gaining weight. He is up to 155 pounds now! Teri has both Mom and Dad drinking “Alive!” shakes, which Dad finds easier to drink if it is in a cup with a lid so he can’t see the green color. (Alive! gives you minerals, vitamins, fruits, protein, vegetables, green food, herbs, amino acids, bioflavonoids, EFA’s, enzymes, nucleic acids and mushrooms.)  Icky color, but it tastes fine, especially if you blend it with juice or fruit. He is also drinking Essiac tea.  Now if he can just get rid of those darn headaches, he would feel much better.

Just a personal note:  While I am so very happy that Teri’s visit is having a positive effect on Dad’s weight gain; I am hoping that when I see her, she will have the opposite effect on me.

They just returned from the Convention in Portland and thoroughly enjoyed the program. (For those of you who do not know, they went to a three day Convention for Jehovah’s Witnesses, with the theme: “Guided By God’s Holy Spirit”. Last year, more than 12 million people attended one of the more than 3,200 of such conventions that were held worldwide. For more information…go to  or  At the Convention, they saw Don and Marcelle White and their daughters, Cassandra and Heather. Boy is that a blast to the past. The Whites were friends from Covina and Mom and Dad haven’t seen them in over 20 years. So they enjoyed catching up with each other. Roger and Elena had them over for dinner on Saturday after the Convention and they had a very nice evening. So all in all, it was a pretty pleasant weekend.

They are now busy getting ready to welcome more family this weekend. They have a reunion planned (sans Tonja and I) for this weekend with our cousin, Mike (Dad’s sister Rachel’s son), Roger and Elena, and Marta’s family.  Then the following week, Tonja’s son, Kyle, will be visiting them. Anyone else need a vacation? They are getting the guest room together as I write and would love to have you stop in. The more the merrier. I am so jealous that I am not going to get to see Mike. Oh well, Teri promises to take pictures.

Teri is having difficulty getting the Internet hooked up in the house, so she is fighting that battle so that Dad can see all your comments and pictures. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. So please keep those pictures coming and we’ll get them posted for you.

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