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My sister Teresa has become transformed into a Home Depot Junkie. I am afraid that she is growing an additional appendage…shaped like a Swiss Army knife with paint brushes, hammers, and screwdrivers instead of blades. I swear the service people know her on a first name basis…and she has that orangish glow too. I hate to be a snitch…but I must report that she is unfaithful. I can produce evidence that she is also mingling with the Help at Lowes and HD Supply. Tsk. Tsk. Shocking behavior.

Truthfully, I think Teresa can recite the VIN numbers on most of the items in the Lighting, Cabinet, and Tile aisles. She is also trying to promote a new fad by sporting pale blue paint under her nails and a smudge that appears to be permanent across her cheeks…as in face and butt. It’s a good look.

Good news is that we are almost done with the remodel and soon Mom and Teresa will be moving into their beautiful home. No more living out of suitcases in my guest room. Mom can’t wait and Teresa’s mental health will be in jeopardy if the move-in is delayed much longer. Soon, real soon, they will be permanent residents at Faulkner Court in Ventura. Yay. Yay I say!

While we rejoice…the poor boys at the Holy Trinity of Home Improvement Stores will be crying in their beer. They will surely miss Teresa once she breaks this habit. This is a case where going cold turkey is an absolute necessity.

Mom has a Facebook Account. Yep …. Mom has a new email address: and also has her very own Facebook page. She is becoming a true Techie. She knows how to play Solitaire already…and she is constantly grabbing my Iphone to check my Facebook page…so I got her one of her own. When setting up her accounts, she chose her own email address and wanted to invite everyone she knew to be her friend. I suggested that she just ask family and wait to be invited by others…She already is friends with over 20 people. Next thing you know, she will be wanting her own Laptop…or maybe even an IPad.

Besides taking over the Intranet … Mom is supervising the remodeling and fluffing up of her new nest.  She should be in within a few weeks. In the meantime, Teresa is dragging us constantly to the Holy Trinity of Home Stores …. HD Supply, Home Depot and Lowes.  Progress is being made. The kitchen cabinets are in and look great. Now Mom’s bathroom is being completed with her very own custom shower…and then a few more items and then she will be moving in. She CANNOT wait. She loves her new place and is so excited.  We will keep you updated….meanwhile check out Carolyn Cook on Facebook or drop her an email.

Mom thinks it is funny that at 80-years-young she now has an email.>>Who woulda thunk?


Mom and I are at her house while renovation is going on inside. Teresa flew away to work for a week, leaving a “Honey-Do” list for Randy. I wonder how long it will take my husband before he starts complaining that there is too much estrogen in his life. For some reason…Teresa is far more successful at getting things crossed off her list. Maybe it is because Randy would like a little normalcy returned to our lives. But then again, can anyone describe normal to me? I cannot recall what normal feels like.

Anyway… Mom is in her element. Rake in hand, she is smiling and sprucing up her nest at her new home in Ventura. And….her smile is so very precious to see.

Following their flight from Oregon,Mom and Teresa have landed at my house in Ventura for a brief spell while prepping their new home. They are in major nesting mode. We have been going non-stop in an effort to get the mobile home in tip-top shape and comfortable for Mom.

Pete Hall removed all the unwanted shrubbery and rocks, trimmed the fruit trees and got the outside ready for Mom to plant with whatever flowers she chooses. On the inside,Randy has been hard at work and the old kitchen has been ripped out and new lightening, appliances and cabinets will soon be installed. Shades of blue with white trim will freshen all the walls. Mom and Teresa are collaborating on the fluffing-up and decorating and the result is sure to be beautiful. The choices they are making are so nice. Mom is tickled pink and can hardly wait to get settled. I am so pleased to see her walk with a spring in her step. She says she is more active now than she was 20 years ago.

Today they chose new seating for the living-room and den. Teresa is going to bring some of her furniture from Florida and the house will become a home. A cute little nest worthy of it’s inhabitants.


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