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Teri has arrived safely at Mom and Dads. Yeah. I know I feel a lot better knowing that she is there and I know Mom and Dad are thrilled to have their eldest daughter in the nest for a while. 

Teri says that Dad is looking better. He has gained some weight, his voice is stronger. I talked with Dad today and he said that he is still getting tired easily. He had been out changing the oil and filters in their car. But he said visitors stopped by right when he was getting tired, so he got to go in and take a break. The Ray Way. Gotta Love It!

Teri is trying to get the Internet hooked up at the house. Until then it looks like she’ll have to find a Wi-Fi spot. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to get connected.

The three of them are off to Portland this weekend for the District Convention. They have a hotel room and Dad will take each day as it comes. I am sure that the spiritual feast will do them all well. 

Thank You for your Prayers, Love and Support!

If any of you have lost weight this week I’m happy to report that Dad has found some of it.  5 ibs in fact.   I’m assuming that if it was yours he found you won’t mind if he imposes a finders fee and keeps it rather that giving it back.  His appetite is returning and it’s great to see that his system seems to be appreciating it.  

His energy is returning as well, though that is a mixed blessing.  Seems he used a couple hours worth chopping wood.   Yeah that’s what I thought too.   But what can you say….   I’ll be happy if he just stays off the roof!

It was so nice to hear from cousins Yvonne and Dallas, and more Covina freinds.   Our thanks to all of you for supporting us and reviving the  memories…. the Marmolejo girls, Lyn, the Millers and Annette.

OOPS Tamie,  looks like we were posting at the same time.   But don’t get too giddy about me stacking all that wood.  There’s plenty enough to be sure there will be some left for your next visit:) 🙂 🙂

I called Mom this morning to check in and also because I had a report from Chris, my son, that he had talked to Dad yesterday and he had just come in the house after chopping wood for two hours. WHAT? Mom confirmed the fact that Ray Cook will do what Ray Cook wants to do and that darn wood needs to be cut, so he did it.  What can we do with that man?  Actually, I think that is a great sign. If Dad feels up to playing Paul Bunyan and cutting wood, so be it!  When he is done cutting his trees on his property, he lives in Oregon, so he has an endless supply. So… YOU GO DAD…I hope you keep cutting wood forever.

So guess what you get to do Teri? You get to haul the wood in and stack it up. 

Yep, that’s right, Teri will be in Oregon on the 28th and Mom and Dad are really looking forward to having her. They got her room all ready for her. I’m kind of jealous, I want to go back too. Our cousin, Michael Higgs, Dad’s Nephew is going for a visit also. I haven’t seen him since I was very little. So Mom and Dad are going to have a mini family reunion. How nice.  Maybe they can all get together and put Paul Bunyan’s wood away.

Mom said Dad was eating better and still trying to gain some weight…but his taste buds haven’t been so great.  I have to say that I LOVE THE NEW LAND-LINE. I can actually hear what Mom is saying and she can even move around while she is talking.  It was so frustrating to try and talk with them when they used their cell and kept losing the signal.  Call them…it’s fantastic and truly amazing —here is their new number again: 541-759-3769.

They are excited to see this web site when Teri get’s into town with her computer. So THANK YOU all once again for your posts. We love you all and appreciate your support.

How heart-warming it is to hear from the other “Cook Girls” and friends who have been permanently etched into our hearts. Thank You!!! Just seeing your names paints vivid pictures and I can almost hear the sound track of your giggles. Our house was definitely lively and never a dull moment. I don’t know how Mom and Dad stayed sane.

Shirley spoke of the “Ray” manner…and we all know what she means. It reminded me of this quote from the WT: 

“Endurance:   The spirit which can bear things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope…It is the quality which keeps a man on his feet, with his face to the wind. It is the virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain it sees the goal.”   “The Ray Way”.

In the past when Mom was frustrated with me and my hard-headedness, she would say, “You are just like your father!”  and I don’ think she meant that in a nice way. I only hope that is true today. I want to be just like my father, I want to stand on my feet with my face to the wind and defy the wind to blow me over. So many of our dear friends have been tested, are being tested now, or will be tested; however, we are so blessed to be part of Jehovah’s organization that constantly encourages and comforts us to keep on keeping on. You are all playing a beautiful part with your comforting words.

I spoke with Mom and Dad…Dad had just come in from pulling some weeds in the yard. I don’t know how he found any, because Mom has become quite the green thumb. Their yards are filled with gorgeous flowers, both planted on purpose and some beautiful volunteers. Together, Mom and Dad have created quite a nice place to sit out in the sun and enjoy the beauty Jehovah has gifted them. They still have that open-door policy and welcome visitors. They would love to see you, so if you are headed up the 101 in Oregon, give them a call and Dad might just make you a bowl of soup. 

Thanks again for the beautiful comments. You are certainly stirring up the memory pots. Keep them coming!

Thanks or hankies to go around when Dad finally gets to read these!   Thank you so much again for the voices from our past.  Oh my….Paula, Marilyn, Allison, Hector and Stef, Shirley and Jerry, Rose and Jim, Harry, Allianna, Alexis, I am so moved that the years and miles can melt away so quickly.   I just know that Dad and Mom will feel the same.  And you all know how easy it is to get Dad to shed a few tears.   Then too, remember those hugs that never seemed to want to let go?  Well I can say with assurance that he has one saved for each and everyone of you.   

It’s always amazing how Jehovah’s love is displayed by those bearing his name.  What an encouragement you are and we pray for continued blessings upon you all.

Just so you all know….I gave the peppers to a local brother, Howard…so no waste Dad.

Cleaning out Dad’s mystery meals was very interesting. He is the super-primo-penny-pincher and every left-over morsel is saved…and what he doesn’t end up eating, he puts out into the compost. I teased him that he was trying to create dirt.

I am happy to see that his appetite is returning a little. I did offer to donate some of my weight. If anyone can figure out how to do that…PLEASE let us know. And remember, I volunteered first, so the line forms behind me!

If you are reading our posts…please leave a comment. Dad is going to love reading your comments.


I just spoke to Dad and he has just announced that he has disowned one of his own.   Seems Tamie’s visit was well received and most appreciated until she decided to to help his diet by cleaning out his refrigerator.   He suffered the financial devastation (only mild) and cringed at the wasting of perfectly good food.  But she broke the last straw when she threw away all of his hot peppers!!!    Any, wonder how long he’ll stick to his diet before he replaces them?     Now I’ll get to be the bad guy 😦

The little bit of weight he has gained back adds up to 2 lbs now.  So he is happy about that though he laughed when he said he wasn’t up yet to climbing back on the roof again.   Crazy Dad still thinks he can be his own chimney sweeper.  Little does he know, I’m not climbing that roof either.   I’m calling one of the younger brothers to help with that job!  And in the mean time I’m hiding the ladder!

I want to thank everyone who has left a comment.  Dad and Mom are both really looking forward to reading these when I arrive later this month.    Be sure to check back because I’m sure they’ll be trying to respond to all your well wishes.   Just to hear from everyone is going to bring up a lot of great memories.  Something we can all find joy in.  So thanks again.

Mom and Dad finally have a land line!!!    So take note 541-759-3769 and you won’t have to wait till Mom finds just the right spot to receive a signal any more.  

Dad was happy to have gained a little , and I mean a little weight back today.  Even though he’s still feeling a little nauseous his apetite is back and he is eating better.  

Tamie and Mom were moving furniture around in the master bedroom today and then they were going to run some errands before Tamie leaves this evening.

Dad’s spirits were uplifted too when he received a call from Michael Higgs this morning.  Remember him?  Aunt Rachael’s son….  Well he is coming to visit Dad and Mom the first of July.   It will be really nice to see him and I know it’s been awhile so they are looking forward to it.

Thanks for the message Leanna.   I’m not sure if everyone I sent this to got the email so a roll call would be nice.   If I got your emails correct just leave a Hey so we know we’re not missing anybody.  Otherwise I’ll start calling to verify my email list.   Don’t want anybody to feel left out and if you know someone else who might be interested in keeping up with Dad please forward the link in the address bar above.  


While distance may divide us we are without a doubt all committed in our love for Dad and Mom. And more so now than ever before, communication is going to be appreciated by each of us as we help support Dad’s struggle for his health and well being.

Marta and Roger both stood vigil at the hospital amid myriads of phone calls trying to glean every detail relating to the scope and prognosis of Dad’s condition. It was they that saw the concern and heard the answers to questions we all wanted not to hear. Now that he is home and facing an uphill battle we are called upon to do what is now most important… hold ourselves together and united in support of our Dad’s wishes. Though it could be said, it’s his own fault in raising such opinionated children 🙂 ….we are going to find this one of our hardest obstacles.

As he has always done in the past, Dad is continuing to make his own decisions with reasoning that has served him well for years. And might I add…us too, as well. Despite words of wisdom from each and every one of us, it appears that he isn’t going to change. And at this late date, do we really want him to?

I’m asking these questions as much of myself as I am of anyone else. So let me wipe tears right along with the rest of you while I say that this is not going to be easy. Dad has always read with doubt and heard with greater doubt. It’s how he processes the truth. It’s just a suggestion but knowing this, if we want him to have greater access to his health options we might fare better giving him the articles to read himself. And then don’t be surprised if he asks the questions of why we think he should be doing something different. We all know he has no problem opening that door.

These are not good days but we have to be committed to make them the best. Each one in assurance that he raised a family he can be proud of.

Tamie is at Mom and Dad’s now until Wednesday. He says he’s feeling weak and still having some pain if he breathes too deeply. This hasn’t stopped him from going to the store for a bit or to the meeting on Sunday. He was even able to spend some time at a congregation picnic Sunday afternoon. He does seem to be pacing himself and takes the time to rest as he needs. His plans are to build up his strength and gain some of his lost weight so he can put up a healthy fight against this cancer.

He and mom were helped to get their wishes recorded by a sister that works at the bank. So they have their financial affairs in order and their wills made out. This wasn’t as big a concern as first thought and with power of attorney, I’ll be able to assist when needed.

I’ve made reservations to fly into OTH on the 28th and plan to stay with Mom and Dad for awhile. We’ll see then if this journal will be helpful in keeping everyone on the same page as to how they are doing. And please post your comments and concerns. We are all in this together.

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