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Tamie was doing so well at this; figured I’d let her keep it up.  But she hasn’t let me off without a bit of nudging.  So I’ll step back up to say hello and bring you all up to date.   

Spoke to mom yesterday and it seems Dad is back under the weather with a sore throat and bad cold.   They missed out on the Circuit Assembly last weekend because he just wasn’t up to going, which says a lot.   He just doesn’t miss a spiritual meal without good cause, ever.     They also lost a dear friend recently.   Mom has expressed that their neighbor Doris is sorely missed and her husband Dick is finding comfort in his visits with them.    

I must say that for all the miles that separate us, the Cook kids can take heart in the support mom and dad have in friends that frequent their home.   There is no doubt that they are loved and well cared for in our absence which brings me to happier news.   I get to visit again for a few weeks next month.   Have my plane tickets in hand and will arrive just in time to attend their District Assembly in Salem with them.    Another road trip, yeah!   And if Tonja gets her way provided Dad can be talked into it, we just might get them on the east coast before the end of June.   I’ll keep you posted on that one.  

In the meantime I want to thank all of you who have followed our blog and shared your thoughts with us.   Dad and mom do like hearing from you all.   And even though they haven’t joined the IT crowd they do appreciate your support.    I’ll make sure I get Dad and Mom to add to it while I’m visiting in May.

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