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Dad and Mom, along with Teresa, arrived at my home on Sunday, May 2nd.  Now they are all gone. Teresa left on the 11th to fly back to Orlando and Mom and Dad pulled our yesterday.

We had a great and eventful visit. My children and their families got to spend a lot of time with them, listening to all the stories Dad has accumulated about all our long gone relatives. Teresa had a bunch of photos of the families. They had gone to the old homesteads of both Mom and Dad….and collected bits and pieces of our family history. Teresa is going to get together with one of the cousins who has been doing alot of research and let us know what they have dug up….Dad says our family is made up of long ago royalty and thieves….hmmm.

Dad got in the kitchen and cooked us up some GUMBO!!!!  Yay.  It was delicious.  He also made some great Pot Roast and then transformed the leftovers into Irish Stew.  Fantastic aromas were wafting around my house every night when I got home from work….that is until last night. Now that he is gone….I feel abandoned and now poor Randy will go hungry again.

Christopher and Liz came over with Liz ready to burst. Her baby was due on May 6th, but we were kept waiting until May 10th, before Conner decided to pop out and join the family.  Teresa came with Randy and I, and Dustin and Kate to the hospital early Monday at 1:30 A.M. and Conner was born late that night after 10 p.m.  We filled the hours playing cards.  We were joined by our very dear and true friend Leisa, who was there when Christopher was born back in 1986.  Liz’ family was there also to welcome Conner.  Mom and Dad…Great Grandparents, yet again were thrilled to be here when Conner was born. Christopher and Liz were amazing together during the birthing process, and created a beautiful atmosphere to welcome their baby boy. What a wonderful testament to their love. If I do say so myself, our little grandson is absolutely, undeniably beautiful.  He is such a calm baby and his big brothers, Michael and Christopher are thrilled to have him home with them finally. We are definitely blessed.  We are all totally in love with this little baby!!!

By the way, Dad and Mom look fantastic! We had a great visit and made some great memories.  Mom was eager to get back home and out in her garden.  Teresa will be in Orlando for some jobs and she is also in her friend’s wedding (wearing a pair of elusive silver shoes), so she will fly back to Oregon in July. Now I just can’t wait to go up and see them again in Oregon. I can never get enough of their hugs and love.

Teresa promises to add pictures and stories of their trip soon. (Right, Teri?)

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