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I’m kind of hard pressed for positive when I’m up to my eye balls in price stickers and a guy wants to know if he can purchase the drive way for the marked price of 10 cents. Ha, after this move I’m convinced simple is better. The only allowance for mass is shoes, I say.

Must add though…Even with the work of packing, cleaning and selling there has been a lot of help. Roger came up two weeks ago and got the motor home running, fixed the garbage disposal again, the broken dishwasher and hauled away the Mercury to sell. And he’ll be up again in a couple of weeks to help us finish up a few things around the house. Just so he’ll have plenty to do, I broke the kitchen faucet last night. It stills works with duck tape if I only want a dribble of water. Otherwise it shoots a spray half way to the living room. More work. Oh well.

The other help has come from friends who manned our estate sale last weekend and are coming back again tomorrow to help Tonight I learned I’ll have a whole posse of helpers. Great! Because there are plenty of price stickers to go around.

Last week’s sale generated a lot of interest in the property and several other things Mom has wanted gone for quite a long time. The “beast” has been spoken for and the new owners are coming to get the spiffed up motor home tomorrow. Yep, that was another thing that had to be cleaned and pressured washed. Thanks go to Chuck and Angela for that chore since I was sorting through a ton of tools in the garage at the time. Screw drivers in one pile, sockets in another, saws on the wall and buckets and buckets of nails, and nuts and bolts. Man… men will buy anything. Most of that stuff I‘d have tossed in the trash but the men were hauling it away by the arms full. More kudos for Chuck since, he managed to fill Mom’s coffers with a pretty pennies in fair trade.

I’m gonna say it because it’s the honest reflection of my thoughts…THE LORD WILLING, even the semi seems to be on its way out of the yard. Four new batteries went into it this afternoon and John will be back tomorrow with his own helper to try to get it moved from our home to his. With bated breath I’m praying that goes well.

How’s Mom doing in all of this? Until the faucet broke, pretty well, I think she said a bad word when that happened. But she’s fine now. She’s got friends coming over in the morning early so she’s gone to bed and she’s telling me to do the same. So I’m gonna listen to my Mom and turn out the lights.

August 2020

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