The Cook Family would like to thank you for your love and your support during this time of great sadness. Your words have lifted our spirits so much. Please know that your words meant everything to Dad. By sharing your thoughts here on this site, you gave our Dad a gift that he considered to be so special during his illness and now you are giving the family so much solace. Thank You!

Welcome to the Cook Family’s Journal and Guest Book.  We want to thank you for taking the time to visit.

Hopefully, this journal will help to diminish some of the distance between us.

Mom will love reading your comments as we all create this place to gather family and friends together.   It would also be wonderful to share your family pictures and links to information that might be encouraging in the coming months.

And please feel free to direct others here who also share our love.

With Love and Warm Wishes,

The Cook Family

If you’d like to write Carol Cook

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