Dear Family and Friends,


Not long ago, I thought the only people who would take notice of my passing would be the Internal Revenue Service.   But Wow!!  This website and the response to my illness from So many of Long ago and far away, is quite surprising.   Very pleasant… indeed.


I’m not a compu-person myself but Teresa has recently taken me on a tour of this site and your responses are Beautiful.  Your communicative abilities are most impressive.   Several of you should have taken up writing.


Please know – Your Prayers and Good Wishes are deeply appreciated. 


Update on condition….


The colonic surgery was performed by a Chinese surgeon… With Chop Sticks only.  And he used Rice noodles for sutures.   Turned out well though.  My eyes are still oval!!!


Latest development…I have according to CT scan and X rays – a degenerating spine and calcification of the right shoulder and neck.  Osteoarthritis is the word I’m hearing lately.  Severe headaches in the left frontal lobe behind and above the eye.  Right shoulder is painful only when I move the wrong way.  And there seems to be several Wrong—ways.  Trouble is — I haven’t learned yet how to live with and in a High Mileage—78 year old—body.

Meanwhile I await the fulfillment of Acts 3:21 “The times of Restoration of all Things of which God spoke through the mouth of his Holy Prophets of OLD Time…”   Hopefully that Restoration – Will Bring Us All – Together again.

To You and to Myself say, “Persevere…Persevere.”

Rayford Cook