Tamara DeVee Cook was born October 16, 1958, in Oxnard, California.
Tamie married Randall Scott Mason on May 17, 1980. They reside in Ventura, California.
They had their first son, Dustin Scott Mason, on November 9, 1983. Dustin was born in Newhall, California.
Dustin married Kathryn Louise Balazs on May 31, 2008. Kate and Dustin also live in Ventura.
Their second, son, Christopher Scott Mason, was born on February 14, 1986, in the City of Long Beach, California.
Christopher and Liz got married on 12/20/08 and reside with their sons Michael, Christopher, and Conner in the City of Ventura.
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Tamie & Randy Mason

Tamie & Randy Mason

Christopher and Dustin

Christopher and Dustin

 Dustin & His Beautiful Wife, Kate

Christopher and His Soon-To-Be-Wife, Liz


Happily Married: Chris and his beautiful wife, Liz

Christopher and Michael have Cupcake Overload at the Wedding

My Little Happiness Factor, Conner James Mason

 Dad & I

Dad…I Love You!  You Are My Hero!