In addition to emailing everyone, I am posting this request here as a reminder and hope that all in the family will participate.

Hello Ya All,

I want to reach out to you all and tell you that I love you. I hope that you are well and things are going good in your lives.

Being with Dad as he lay dying has had a profound effect on my life and like each of you, I am still reeling from losing him. The emotions that have been ricocheting in my heart have me spinning and I need an outlet. I just feel like I have to do something to make sense of this loss, even though I know that grief takes its time and never fully goes away…I have so much of it and I need to do something about it.

Dad’s words in his final days fill my head and are constantly playing in the background. Some of those words make me smile and giggle, but others rip away at my soul. One thing that tugs at my heart everyday is the great loss Dad voiced at not being able to sit back and watch as our lives played out. He said that we had so much living still to do and he did not want to miss it. Dad expressed his love for each and every one of you and talked about you with such tenderness. I feel like you have been cheated by not being able to hear what he said with his own words. DO NOT EVER DOUBT that he loved you and each of your children. I feel so privileged to hold the remembrance of how he looked and what his voice sounded like as he talked about you, my brother and my sisters. I wish that I could give each of you that gift…I really do.

So in light of the above, I am reaching out to all of you right now and begging you to help me honor Dad’s love for us by reaching out to each other a little more and building the bond that we have as members of his family. When we have joys, lets share them with each other…when we need a shoulder to lean on…let’s lean. We have a gift that we have neglected over the years, but we still have time to start cherishing it and nurturing it. Dad’s death should not be a time to slip away, but a time to gather in support of each other and of our Mother. We have the opportunity to gladden her heart by demonstrating that we care about each other. 

Some of you may not appreciate just how much Dad and Mom enjoyed the Cook Family Web site…but it was and still is a source of encouragement, enjoyment and important. Dad was so touched by the sentiments that people wrote to him. In an effort to tighten up the ties that bind us together and get us more in touch with each other…I’ve decided to include a monthly update page on what is going on with Carolyn’s Children….it will be a post where we can include what happened during the month with our families. You can go directly to that page and post your comments…and I will send out reminders. It does not have to be much…just a few blurbs about what’s up…or just write everything is status quo. Or write a novel if you want and pictures would be great. Anything at all. I hope everyone will see this as something we can do for Mom, to give her some joy and help her hang on to her precious memories and a way for us to do something for each other to build happy memories. A happy place for our children to visit to share their thoughts and memories too and check up on each other. We have pretty cool kids who are doing some really interesting things. Let’s make this a lasting legacy for Dad and Mom.

I know everyone has really busy schedules and life does move by so fast…but this is an opportunity for us to sit and contemplate what our families mean to us and share that with each other. A positive place for us to visit with each other and stay in touch. A way to honor what was so important to Dad and remains important to Mom….who is always excited when there is a new post.

Once again, please know that I love you and hope that you will join in giving this gift to Mom.