We’ve made the trips down memory lane and traipsed through fields of cotton, driven down dusty dirt roads and through nearly vacant townships and spent time exploring lonely cemeteries.   And it’s amazing what Dad and Mom have recalled of their youth.  The stories told by others have added reams to what I thought I knew about our parentage. There is good, there is bad and there is funny. But mostly there is insight for a generation that could not even imagine what life was like some 70 years ago. Technology has certainly provided us with a standard of living that seemed impossible back then.   And yet if the truth were really told we would probably be better off without some of it, though running water and paved roads are a plus.  

 Who ever said, “You can’t go back home” was  right. At least when it comes to the town. When it comes to family and friends, now that’s a different matter. We are thoroughly enjoying our trip. We left Orlando after the visits with Dallas, Stacy and Betty and headed to Savannah where we converged on Uncle Jack and Aunt Ann. (Mom’s brother and his wife). They welcomed us with open arms and lots of food which we added to thanks to the greens and okra and other garden variety vegetables that Dallas and Stacy had blessed us with. Dad wasn’t about to leave such a treasure trove of such southern fare to a grandson who was raised in California.   Not to say that Brandon is picky, but let’s just say he didn’t mind that we took the loot.

From Savannah we toured Hardeeville SC (Mom’s birth place) visited Dora Sauls, an old school friend in Beaufort.   We enjoyed time with Kenny and Margie’s family on Tybee Island and visited with David, Ann and Barry Turner before heading to Waycross.    In route, we  tracked down my great grandmother’s old home in Allenhurst Georgia.  Unfortunately in has fallen into ruin  but the memories were still lurking.   And once we brushed the leaves off the graves of family buried nearby we continued on.

Oh,  I should say that having a navigation system has been indispensible on this trip.  I’d have never found Swamp Rd without it.   And I would have hated to miss our stay with the rest of the Turner- Brantley, Knox and Orr families.  All together just around the corner from Aunt Rosa’s old home.   Again we can’t get together and not mention the meals.   It’s where we seem to share the most, the loving preparation, the banter with activity and then the sitting down to share time and more good memories.   Such as Aunt Rosa’s biscuits; which none will claim the ability to mimic.   And pictures of family and friends that some… only Dad was able to recall.   Speaking of which, I’m in the process of posting some pictures in the Trip Gallery so take a look and see if you recognize anyone?