With Teri at the wheel and Dad and Mom belted in, the gallivanting continues. I am not sure where all they have been…but I do know they went to see Uncle Jack and Aunt Ann, (Mom’s Brother), and they were at a few cousins and then they went to see Tonja in Missouri. Right now they are at Leanna’s (Teri’s daughter)  in Texas. I just got off the phone with Leanna and she says that Dad is down at the fishing pond by her house…so he may never leave.  They are supposed to head to Arizona to see Kyle (Tonja’s son) and eventually make their way to Ventura before heading back home. Maybe they will be here for the birth of Conner James Mason. My son, Christopher, and his wife, Liz are expecting a little baby boy on or about May 6th..So we keep adding to the clan…

We try to get the other siblings to update their status’ ; however, so far they have been not so cooperative…so I will hound them for some new pictures. Roger has some new members to his family, with the births of some grandbabies.  Marta is planning a big move too from what I hear…so hopefully she will update everyone too so we can stay in touch.

While reporting happy news with the births of babies, and good times on the road, we also have some bad news that breaks our hearts and we want to express our love to the families and let them know we share their grief. We have lost some of our dear friemds lately. One of Mom’s dearest friends, Glorine Quidor, passed away. Back in the day, those two were joined at the hip. We send our love to her family.  We have dear dear memories of her.  We also heard that Max Belanoff passed away. Max and Dee were fixtures in our lives and we loved them dearly. Allison Whittaker-Sanchez  just informed us that Evelyn Wedde has died also.  Sister Wedde was a pillar of faith and a fine example to all.We are looking forward to the Bible’s promise that death will be done away with forever and we take comfort in knowing that these dear friends are in Jehovah’s memory and he will ressurect them back to life again. Still our hearts ache for the loss of such beautiful and loving friends.

Okay…back to something brighter….Leanna has some beautiful pictures of her two daughters, Danielle and Sophia, fishing with their Poppy ….and they caught fish…whoo hoo!!  Brings back a lot of memories.  When my son Christopher saw the pictures, he said:

“These are so great! They bring back memories. One time Poppy was getting all frustrated because Dustin and I were catching fish faster than he could get them off of the hooks. We came home with something like 73 fish that day!”

Yep…our Dad, the Fisherman!!!

Teri is supposed to be posting pictures…hmmmm?  So hopefully she will have an update soon. I know that they are enjoying their visits with everyone….I will keep bugging Teri to give more details of their adventures.