Well Teresa has managed to schedule a miracle..Yep…leave it to her to woo Dad with her sweet smiles. She has this way of cocking her head and grinning and the man melts. Sooo Teresa has schedule Dad and Mom on a flight to Orlando Florida on February 14th, 2010.  Now you must remember that Ray Cook believes that if God had wanted him to fly, he would have gotten some wings…he is not that thrilled with the prospect of flying through clouds all the way across the country…but he does have a strong desire to see his family and friends.. Since the BEAST turned out to be an unreliable travel method….Teresa will chauffer Dad and Mom around. They are also hoping that some of the family will come and see them while they are in Orlando.

So if you want to arrange to see them. Send Teresa an email. Dad and Mom are really looking forward to some good ol Southern Hugging.