Dad reports that He and Mom are safe and secure at Pete and Donna Dover’s home in Riverside, CA.  After leaving Ventura, they travelled down the Coast and went to Huntington Park, where Dad entrusted the Beast to our very good friend Joe Alvarez, who is also a Mechanic.  The Beast was examined, prodded and diagnosed and things were replaced. Dad told me what things, but I forgot…I will try to work on being a better reporter. Anyway, off they went, hoping to visit friends in South Gate…but as it got later in the day, they discovered that all the cities surrounding them had ordinances on parking RVs overnight.  So they had to move on down the road to Santa Fe Springs, where they parked where the Big Rigs park. Mom is getting some nice views of industrial parks.

The next morning they started out, but the dang Beast threw back it’s head and decided that smooth sailing was not going to be the mode for the day. It started acting up again…so they got down to Riverside, are with the Dovers, and the Beast will be taken in for another diagnostic session. Nothing is ever easy…dang it!

Meanwhile, on the global scene, Teri reports from Germany that she is having an amazing adventure. She traveled to Europe to attend an International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Teri was visiting one of our Branches in Germany and she saw a man with a lapel card that she thought said he was from Corona, California; however, on closer inspection, it turns out that he was from COVINA, California…WOW.!  Now it gets even more ironic. After exchanging pleasantries and comparing who they knew in common, turns out that Teri was talking with Frank Padilla. Frank Padilla lived across the street from Mom and Dad when they all lived in South Gate…and Frank has known my husband, Randy, since he was a tiny little boy. Now, Frank and his family have moved to Covina, where we grew up and went to school and attends the Kingdom Hall with some of our dearest friends. Small, small world. 

Anyway, globe-trotter Teri is having the best time. My green eyes have turned a deeper shade of green. You know that shade…the jealous shade of green..I AM SO JEALOUS!!!  Truly, I am thrilled for her.  My sister Teri remains one of the best people I know.  But then again, she comes from some pretty good stock.

Back to the stock-makers…Dad and Mom are surely having a great time with Donna and Pete.  I will check in again. Oh!  Dad did not take a camera, so we are counting on you to help out with this….if Dad and Mom knock on your door, take a picture of all of you and send it to us so we can post it in their album.  Thanks to all of you who are making this a great trip for Mom and Dad.