No not the human kind….we got some bad gas in the RV.

The day started good enough…Leaving Petaluma Monday morning, we tried to avoid the morning traffic jams and decided we did not want to take the BEAST across the Golden Gate Bridge…so we headed over to the not-so-intimitating Bay Bridge.  I HATE BRIDGES, so I thought it was interesting that Dad said I probably inherited that from him. He reports that when he was a child he had a fear of even walking across a bridge and made his sisters carry him. Well, we made it across the bridge and stopped for breakfast in Albany, just next to Berkley.

Dad had me check on my laptop to find the least expensive gas around…it turned out that San Jose had the cheapest gas. We headed to Moe’s Gas Stop and waited our turn to get “cheap” gas. The Gas Tanker was just leaving and the place was packed.  After putting in $200.00 worth of gas (if you can say that any gas is worth $200), he headed towards Ventura down the 101 …not the curvy Hwy 1. Straight roads, how nice.

We passed through Gilroy..the Garlic Capital of the World.  It was warm outside and the aroma of garlic was definitely up front and center. It was like driving through an Italian restaurant. We passed all kinds of crops; afterall, Central California supplies a whole lot of veggies. The valleys were golden, the crops were green and the wind was warm.

Then….it started.. We were traveling smoothly along in this beautiful RV, when all of the sudden the gas just cut off and we lost speed…then it would chug-a-lug, burp a little and take off again. At first it happened just every now and then…no real problem.  Dad decided I should drive the beast, I mean RV…Of course, with my vast amount of experience propelling large, gigantic, boxes on four wheels, I was thrilled to show off my skills, hmmm.  Mom was of course totally supportive and confident in my abilities as well. NOT!…So I climbed behind the wheel…prayed sincerely and started down the road. No problem! Well at least for a little while and then the Beast decided to show me who was boss and started burping and losing power again, and again. So I pulled over and let the expert take over..Dad started down the road again and it started happenening even more frequently. We decided it had to be bad gas, because we had no problems before we fueled up. It kept happenening, so we pulled off the road in Paso Robles to give the Beast a rest.

I love Paso Robles. It is the home of some mighty fine wines…like Turley!! Good stuff.  Yet somehow the experience was nothing like my previous forays into the wine country. The air was hot, the mood was irritated and we were tired. After a spell, we started off again…got to Templeton and the Beast started burping again…We got off the highway, drove down the side streets and stopped at a Mechanic, who said it was probably bad fuel or a gas filter…etc and sure he could fix it…tomorrow. It was close to five p.m. and he had a two year old and his wife was 8 months pregnant and he promised her he would not be late.  What a great husband!!!  Of course, that did not help us any.

Well long story short…we nursed the Beast along … slowly, mile after mile; through the land of grape vines, ranches, cows, goats, horses trapsing through golden hills, then broke back out onto the Coast, through Santa Barbara, Montecito where Oprah lives, Carpenteria, past famous Rincon Beach where surfers play…oh so very slowly, with multiple stops along the way. We finally got into Ventura at 9:30 p.m. I must say, I was very impressed how cool, calm, and collected Dad remained throughout the day, with only a couple of expletives..which were well deserved and appropriate considering the aggravating nature of the Beast.

Now another dilemma…where to park the Beast. I live in a condo, up a very steep hill and the HOA would have a fit if they saw the Beast in front of our condo. We called my son Chris and his wife and they graciously let us park it in front of their house overnight. Mom and Dad gathered what they needed, Randy came and picked us up and we drove away, free from the Beast and it’s burping problem.

I am home. Mom and Dad are fine…The Beast is parked and for now all is well. Dad will get a few things taken care of. The Beast will be tamed and then they will be on the road again.