Ray and Carol Cook are officially on the road….Dad bought or should I say “stole” a 1989 Allegro 28 foot motor home. Despite it’s age, it is in great shape…having been tenderly cared for by it’s former owners, Marlin and Carol from Reedsport Oregon. Marlin is a tender-heart and just one look at Dad’s Teddy Bear eyes, he practically gave him the motorhome.

We brought it home, shined it up, loaded it up and now we are definitely on the road.

DAY1…We left North Bend, and went to Coo’s Bay where we ate breakfast, went to WalMart and bought some la-dee-da toilet paper that the RV requires, checked our tire pressure and we were off. Traveling down the 101 through Oregon’s coastal towns….beautiful. We crossed over into California and the sun started dipping. We got into the redwoods and were awed by the majestic trees and the light filtering through the trees and dancing on the road. Dad was not going to pay $35 for an RV space…so we keep driving. We finally got to Gerberville and stopped on a side street, drew all the curtains and went to sleep….Motor home did great…Dad drove and hummed and sang….Success!  DAY 1 OVER.