Wow…It is 2009!

Time is really flying by. We all faced so many changes last year. Stark realities were shoved in our faces and everyone bearing the name, married to one, or carrying the blood of the Cook Clan was forced to take a good hard look. 2008 was a tough year in so many ways, yet it was also a time of great joys and triumphs.  Dad and Mom saw their family grow with new great-grandchildren and new marriages. They got to see their friends and loved ones rally around them and support flowed from all over the country. Your love has warmed their hearts and fed their souls and made them stronger. So we thank all of you…our dear and wonderful friends and we hope that you will continue to write and share your thoughts with our family.

I spoke with Mom on Friday. She sounded upbeat, but a little tired. She had been out working in the yard all day. Dad has been down with a fever for the past few days..hopefully just the virus that’s infected everyone. Everyone I talk to has been plagued with sore throats and coughs. So hopefully he will quickly rebound. Mom reports that overall Dad seems to be doing really good. He is following his diet and health routines and gives credit to the Essiac Tea he continues to drink for his well-being. He tries to stay active and is a regular at all the Christian meetings held in their local Kingdom Hall. Their local friends are constantly dropping in to visit and share a good meal and keep the smiles planted on our parents faces.

We were hoping that Dad and Mom would be able to travel down for Christopher’s wedding in December; however, a storm had come through and the roads were icy, so they thought better to stay home. So we missed them at the wedding (which was truly beautiful), but we know they were there in spirit.  Randy and I are empty-nesters now, but are now GRANDPARENTS. Chris got a ready made family and is now a step-dad to two beautiful little boys, Michael and Christopher. Chris and Liz are making their home here in Ventura with the boys, so we get to see them quite a bit. Dustin and Kate live just about a mile away and stop in and share dinner and a movie often. It’s nice to have them so close. I just wish Mom and Dad lived closer. Telephones are nice, but I sure miss seeing their faces.

So I hope that this coming year brings long life, good health and happy, hearty laughs for all of our family and friends. Please stay in touch and let us know how your families are…we love you all.