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It has been almost a month now since Teri left Mom and Dads to go to some jobs she has scheduled. I spoke with Mom this afternoon and she reports that both she and Dad have been under-the-weather with colds this past week; however, I am happy to report that Dad is doing well otherwise. He is maintaining his weight and Mom says he is “looking good.” 

Good News.  Just what I wanted to hear…which leads me to remember that despite my whole-hearted belief that my parents are basically honest and truthful, recent experience has taught me that they do tend to tell us what they know we want to hear. Hmmm.  So just in case, Teri has put in place a foolproof system to make sure that we have the real skinny on Dad and Mom. She has enlisted several of their local friends to be our eyes and ears and get us accurate information. I know that Dad will probably grin when he reads this, because he knows it is true. When Teri was there, she caught Dad telling me on the phone that he felt great, when in fact his shoulder was killing him and he had a headache….he just laughed when she called him on it. I WANT TO KNOW:  How is it that we get it drilled into us throughout our whole life that there is no room for “little white lies”; that “a lie is a lie”, and “liars will definitely not inherit God’s Kingdom”; and now the rules have changed and it is okay to try and mislead your children so that they will not bug you too much? Really RAY COOK…I am shocked and dismayed at your misbehaving ways. Tsk tsk.

Mom and Dad were thrilled to have Pete and Donna Dover stop in for a visit recently. For living out in the boonies, they sure get their share of visitors. Donna was the one who introduced the truth to our family back in the late sixties in Riverside, California. Pete and Donna still live there after all these years. They have remained very dear to the family and we will always be thankful that they knocked on our door and had the patience to put up with us. What a grand gift they have delivered into our lives. The gift of knowledge. They taught us how to find truth and introduced us to the love that our Grand Creator, Jehovah, had for us even before we really even knew him. Mom and Dad thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

Whenever I have visited Mom and Dad, I am amazed how many people stop in and visit them. I really don’t think there is a day that goes by that they don’t get a call or a visit from their friends. That really is a testament to the kind of folks they are. Mom and Dad have always been very gregarious and their welcoming and hospitible spirit have never waned. I find this fact very comforting seeing as how I live so far away. It’s nice to know that they are so loved and cared for.

So the invitation to visit still stands. Head North on the 101 Highway and Ray and Carol Cook will be waiting with their door open wide and probably something yummy on the stove just for you. Really….I would not lie to you.

October 2008

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