As I get ready to leave Thursday I am grateful for much.   Not the least of which is the good riddance of one chain saw and an axe.   No….. I didn’t handle the Power Tools but… remember Dad’s old red and white Ford pickup truck?   Well, I sure did a lot of loading and unloading and then stacking of wood.   Lots…… of wood.   Cords and Cords of wood.   Over Six foot high, ten foot wide and eight logs deep.  Anyone got a calculator?   Surely… just shy of being enough to have furnished Noah for an ark.


Dad says his shoulder hurts (and it does) but he only has himself to blame.   We tried to get him to stop.  In fact the loving brothers in his hall showed up with a crew and a log splitter to finish the job of his felled trees.   And so now he has no excuse for taking perfectly sound advice and resting his overworked joints. 


That aside:   Dad has done well in recovering a lot of the weight he lost prior to surgery.  Since I’ve been here he has gained almost thirty lbs back.   Relating to the cancer, he is feeling much better and looks better too.    The most recent Doctors visit revealed that his blood counts are improving and most everything related appears normal.   He will have to complete some physical therapy for the shoulder pain and headaches.   But getting him to take any medication for relief is harder than lifting a gazillion wood logs.   The aim is to try and ease the inflammation so at least some if not all of his pain subsides.   


I’m going to be meeting up with Tamie for jobs in San Francisco and then Las Vegas before I finally make it home.  But I really am thankful that I was able to see for myself the improvement in Dad’s health.   Not that he doesn’t have some major hurdles to overcome I will still rest assured that Mom and Dad have a circle of friends that are watching out for them.   


Your concern is still so much appreciated and I hope you all take notice of the letter Dad asked me to post.   He and Mom both were overcome with emotion at the out pouring here.   We have even in the midst of adversity so much to be thankful for.   What gifts in men that our heavenly father has so lovingly provided for our comfort. 


Thankyou again,