I’m glad to report that Dad is definitely improving.   He now tops the scales at 160lbs.  A far cry from the 144 just about a month ago.   And thankfully the headaches seem to be diminishing too. 

Dad had more blood work done yesterday before going out in service and an afternoon call from the Doctor’s office directed him to start taking iron.   He has an appointment next Wednesday so we’ll be armed with a few more questions about the tests that were run at the hospital.  But like I said there is a real improvement in his overall health.  He’s even singing around the house again.  THAT is a great sign that he is feeling better.   So thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes you have been offering. Though still not ready to fell the rest of his forest, Dad is making himself useful with the weed wacker.   With the rain we’ve had here the past several days, it’s a chore not likely to be done anytime soon. 

This past week we all enjoyed Kyle and Stephanie’s visit.  And aside from spending plenty time around the table reminiscing about old times and indulging in favorite family recipes we were able also to enjoy a local seaside port.   Bandon is about 40 minutes south of here and garners quite a bit of tourist traffic.  Quaint with lots of shops and galleries, we managed to peruse each one and still find time to collect some more rocks for Mom’s garden as we walked the beach.   Dad hasn’t been up to joining us for these day trips though I’m beginning to think that it really isn’t because of his health.  He just doesn’t enjoy the crowds and now he can claim a legitimate excuse for staying at home with his cross word puzzles. 

Still no net but I found a Coffee house in town with service so it looks like this is going to have to do.  Cell service is spotty at the house and though dial up is available, it just can’t keep up with loading these pages quickly enough.  I posted a new picture of Dad and Mom taken 2 weeks ago.  Compared to the one Tamie posted from last month you can see how well he is “filling in”.   I’ll take another and post again soon so you can all chart his progress.    Until then know that we all are so appreciative of your loving concern and that we are returning the love with our own prayers for each of you.