If you think the world is over-populated, you haven’t tried to get Internet Service in North Bend Oregon. Granted, I’m asking for the moon in a request for high-speed or DSL service, but to date, it’s not available in this picturesque little spot off HWY-101. I’m dictating this post to Tamie to type over the phone. How frustrating! So now it looks like I’ll just have to reach for the stars instead and opt for satellite service if I expect to be able to work from home.

Speaking of which, the Cook’s front door still swings wide open for anyone inclined to sit a spell and talk, play a hand of cards, or meander with us on a sight-seeing trip around town. It’s been like “old home” this week with a visit from Michael, our cousin; Roger & Elena, along with Jason; and Marta and her girls.  Busy, busy week and Dad was up for all of it. Kyle and Stephanie called today and they will be here the day after tomorrow. Phew! I’m going to be the one in need of a rest! 

When Michael arrived, we drove to meet Roger and Elena in Coo’s Bay, where Roger was organizing a Tuna Tournament. Michael was able to resume his sailing career for a day, deep-sea fishing on one of the smaller boats he’s ever commanded. Not that Roger’s boat is small, but on 4-ft seas, 50 miles out, any fishing vessel becomes an E-Ride.  (Now I’m dating myself, you do remember Disneyland right?) They managed to come in fourth place and provided fish for the Oregon Food Bank and a good number of Mom and Dad’s local friends. Which means I will be eating fish for quite a while.

Marta, Shae, and Skye came and Mom and I picked wild blackberries to make a cobbler, walked the beach so Mom could collect rocks and barbecued fresh oysters on the grill. We played tourists in Old Town Florence window shopping. Dad wisely opted out of these activities other than enjoying the hot cobbler with ice cream. He is trying to gain weight after all.  All in all we had a very pleasant weekend and it was enjoyed by all.

Mom and Dad and I spent two days preparing their mobile home so that we could rent it out to a local brother and sister from their Congregation; which is a welcome relief. They don’t have to worry about the upkeep on it now.

Since I’ve been here, Dad has added a few more pounds and managed to do most of what he pleases; except for the roof thing. (Go up on the roof and clean the chimney.)  I found a very nice brother at the Hall, who showed up yesterday morning bright and early to do that job. GOOD! Now thats done for another month or two.

Dad’s weight has held this week at 155.  Other than constant headaches, he still thinks he is doing pretty good. He is really enjoying the visits from family, the cards and the loving support that he is receiving from all of you. What little he saw of this web site, the first day that I got here, brought tears to both Mom and Dad’s eyes.  Again, they are looking forward to seeing this and being able to respond; which hopefully will be some time this week.

Now were headed out the door to attend their Congregations Book Study…Kyle called and he’s on his way, sooner than expected, so we got work to do.

Take Care and Thanks Again…We Love You All.