Randy and I attended another District Convention in the City of Long Beach to work in the Rooming Department this past weekend…while most of the Cook family were busy entertaining at home in Oregon.  We saw a lot of old friends from Covina and South Gate and they were all inquiring about Dad and sending him well-wishes… So here Dad…here are some hugs sent your way from:

Glorine Quidor—Who came to the Convention to work on the drama.  She was in charge of putting on the beards for some of the Bible characters…including the Apostle John.

Johnny Padilla—Little Johnny Padilla is not so little anymore. He is the WT Conductor for the Glendora Congregation now. All the Padilla’s are in Covina and are doing well.

Linda and Parker Satterlee– Still living in La Habra and wants to come and visit you and mom.

Casi and Nancy Saldana— They look GREAT. Their daughter Julia and husband Carlos had a part on the Convention with their two daughters.

Heinz (Bikoffsky) Sp?—He and his wife, Linda, send their love.

Louis and Tammy Miller–Their daughter Amanda was here from Seattle and they all want you to know that they are thinking about you.  Louie had his first talk at a District Convention and did a great job.

Alonso Brim– He and Mary were there and say hi also.

Kerry Evanoff was there with his three boys and sends his love.

Tyler Soriano and Adele Lanes– (Dustin’s Best Man)  He and Adelle send hugs. They are busy planning their wedding now and look so happy.

Joe and Linda Alvarez, Dan and Laura Romero, Anthony Woodward, Mel Behr and daughter, Lynn Jones—They are keeping you in their prayers too.

I’m sure I’ve forgot some, but everyone who knows you asked about you and Mom and send their love. It was nice seeing faces I haven’t seen for a while. We are certainly blessed with a wonderful family in Jehovah’s Organization and it is so wonderful to know that they care so much.

Okay….enough for now.  I am going to call Teri later today and get a heads up on everything I missed this weekend. I spoke with her on Saturday for just a bit, but need to get all the details. I am so bummed I missed out. So the next post will be all about Michael’s visit.

I have talked with a lot of people who say they are logging in and reading our posts. Thanks for your continued support and love and hey…sign the Guest Book as many times as you like. We love you all!