I am happy to announce that Dad is gaining weight. He is up to 155 pounds now! Teri has both Mom and Dad drinking “Alive!” shakes, which Dad finds easier to drink if it is in a cup with a lid so he can’t see the green color. (Alive! gives you minerals, vitamins, fruits, protein, vegetables, green food, herbs, amino acids, bioflavonoids, EFA’s, enzymes, nucleic acids and mushrooms.)  Icky color, but it tastes fine, especially if you blend it with juice or fruit. He is also drinking Essiac tea.  http://www.essiacinfo.org/  Now if he can just get rid of those darn headaches, he would feel much better.

Just a personal note:  While I am so very happy that Teri’s visit is having a positive effect on Dad’s weight gain; I am hoping that when I see her, she will have the opposite effect on me.

They just returned from the Convention in Portland and thoroughly enjoyed the program. (For those of you who do not know, they went to a three day Convention for Jehovah’s Witnesses, with the theme: “Guided By God’s Holy Spirit”. Last year, more than 12 million people attended one of the more than 3,200 of such conventions that were held worldwide. For more information…go to http://www.watchtower.org/  or  http://www.jw-media.org/)  At the Convention, they saw Don and Marcelle White and their daughters, Cassandra and Heather. Boy is that a blast to the past. The Whites were friends from Covina and Mom and Dad haven’t seen them in over 20 years. So they enjoyed catching up with each other. Roger and Elena had them over for dinner on Saturday after the Convention and they had a very nice evening. So all in all, it was a pretty pleasant weekend.

They are now busy getting ready to welcome more family this weekend. They have a reunion planned (sans Tonja and I) for this weekend with our cousin, Mike (Dad’s sister Rachel’s son), Roger and Elena, and Marta’s family.  Then the following week, Tonja’s son, Kyle, will be visiting them. Anyone else need a vacation? They are getting the guest room together as I write and would love to have you stop in. The more the merrier. I am so jealous that I am not going to get to see Mike. Oh well, Teri promises to take pictures.

Teri is having difficulty getting the Internet hooked up in the house, so she is fighting that battle so that Dad can see all your comments and pictures. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. So please keep those pictures coming and we’ll get them posted for you.