Teri has arrived safely at Mom and Dads. Yeah. I know I feel a lot better knowing that she is there and I know Mom and Dad are thrilled to have their eldest daughter in the nest for a while. 

Teri says that Dad is looking better. He has gained some weight, his voice is stronger. I talked with Dad today and he said that he is still getting tired easily. He had been out changing the oil and filters in their car. But he said visitors stopped by right when he was getting tired, so he got to go in and take a break. The Ray Way. Gotta Love It!

Teri is trying to get the Internet hooked up at the house. Until then it looks like she’ll have to find a Wi-Fi spot. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to get connected.

The three of them are off to Portland this weekend for the District Convention. They have a hotel room and Dad will take each day as it comes. I am sure that the spiritual feast will do them all well. 

Thank You for your Prayers, Love and Support!