If any of you have lost weight this week I’m happy to report that Dad has found some of it.  5 ibs in fact.   I’m assuming that if it was yours he found you won’t mind if he imposes a finders fee and keeps it rather that giving it back.  His appetite is returning and it’s great to see that his system seems to be appreciating it.  

His energy is returning as well, though that is a mixed blessing.  Seems he used a couple hours worth chopping wood.   Yeah that’s what I thought too.   But what can you say….   I’ll be happy if he just stays off the roof!

It was so nice to hear from cousins Yvonne and Dallas, and more Covina freinds.   Our thanks to all of you for supporting us and reviving the  memories…. the Marmolejo girls, Lyn, the Millers and Annette.

OOPS Tamie,  looks like we were posting at the same time.   But don’t get too giddy about me stacking all that wood.  There’s plenty enough to be sure there will be some left for your next visit:) 🙂 🙂