I called Mom this morning to check in and also because I had a report from Chris, my son, that he had talked to Dad yesterday and he had just come in the house after chopping wood for two hours. WHAT? Mom confirmed the fact that Ray Cook will do what Ray Cook wants to do and that darn wood needs to be cut, so he did it.  What can we do with that man?  Actually, I think that is a great sign. If Dad feels up to playing Paul Bunyan and cutting wood, so be it!  When he is done cutting his trees on his property, he lives in Oregon, so he has an endless supply. So… YOU GO DAD…I hope you keep cutting wood forever.

So guess what you get to do Teri? You get to haul the wood in and stack it up. 

Yep, that’s right, Teri will be in Oregon on the 28th and Mom and Dad are really looking forward to having her. They got her room all ready for her. I’m kind of jealous, I want to go back too. Our cousin, Michael Higgs, Dad’s Nephew is going for a visit also. I haven’t seen him since I was very little. So Mom and Dad are going to have a mini family reunion. How nice.  Maybe they can all get together and put Paul Bunyan’s wood away.

Mom said Dad was eating better and still trying to gain some weight…but his taste buds haven’t been so great.  I have to say that I LOVE THE NEW LAND-LINE. I can actually hear what Mom is saying and she can even move around while she is talking.  It was so frustrating to try and talk with them when they used their cell and kept losing the signal.  Call them…it’s fantastic and truly amazing —here is their new number again: 541-759-3769.

They are excited to see this web site when Teri get’s into town with her computer. So THANK YOU all once again for your posts. We love you all and appreciate your support.