I just spoke to Dad and he has just announced that he has disowned one of his own.   Seems Tamie’s visit was well received and most appreciated until she decided to to help his diet by cleaning out his refrigerator.   He suffered the financial devastation (only mild) and cringed at the wasting of perfectly good food.  But she broke the last straw when she threw away all of his hot peppers!!!    Any, wonder how long he’ll stick to his diet before he replaces them?     Now I’ll get to be the bad guy 😦

The little bit of weight he has gained back adds up to 2 lbs now.  So he is happy about that though he laughed when he said he wasn’t up yet to climbing back on the roof again.   Crazy Dad still thinks he can be his own chimney sweeper.  Little does he know, I’m not climbing that roof either.   I’m calling one of the younger brothers to help with that job!  And in the mean time I’m hiding the ladder!

I want to thank everyone who has left a comment.  Dad and Mom are both really looking forward to reading these when I arrive later this month.    Be sure to check back because I’m sure they’ll be trying to respond to all your well wishes.   Just to hear from everyone is going to bring up a lot of great memories.  Something we can all find joy in.  So thanks again.