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Mom and Dad finally have a land line!!!    So take note 541-759-3769 and you won’t have to wait till Mom finds just the right spot to receive a signal any more.  

Dad was happy to have gained a little , and I mean a little weight back today.  Even though he’s still feeling a little nauseous his apetite is back and he is eating better.  

Tamie and Mom were moving furniture around in the master bedroom today and then they were going to run some errands before Tamie leaves this evening.

Dad’s spirits were uplifted too when he received a call from Michael Higgs this morning.  Remember him?  Aunt Rachael’s son….  Well he is coming to visit Dad and Mom the first of July.   It will be really nice to see him and I know it’s been awhile so they are looking forward to it.

Thanks for the message Leanna.   I’m not sure if everyone I sent this to got the email so a roll call would be nice.   If I got your emails correct just leave a Hey so we know we’re not missing anybody.  Otherwise I’ll start calling to verify my email list.   Don’t want anybody to feel left out and if you know someone else who might be interested in keeping up with Dad please forward the link in the address bar above.  


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