While distance may divide us we are without a doubt all committed in our love for Dad and Mom. And more so now than ever before, communication is going to be appreciated by each of us as we help support Dad’s struggle for his health and well being.

Marta and Roger both stood vigil at the hospital amid myriads of phone calls trying to glean every detail relating to the scope and prognosis of Dad’s condition. It was they that saw the concern and heard the answers to questions we all wanted not to hear. Now that he is home and facing an uphill battle we are called upon to do what is now most important… hold ourselves together and united in support of our Dad’s wishes. Though it could be said, it’s his own fault in raising such opinionated children 🙂 ….we are going to find this one of our hardest obstacles.

As he has always done in the past, Dad is continuing to make his own decisions with reasoning that has served him well for years. And might I add…us too, as well. Despite words of wisdom from each and every one of us, it appears that he isn’t going to change. And at this late date, do we really want him to?

I’m asking these questions as much of myself as I am of anyone else. So let me wipe tears right along with the rest of you while I say that this is not going to be easy. Dad has always read with doubt and heard with greater doubt. It’s how he processes the truth. It’s just a suggestion but knowing this, if we want him to have greater access to his health options we might fare better giving him the articles to read himself. And then don’t be surprised if he asks the questions of why we think he should be doing something different. We all know he has no problem opening that door.

These are not good days but we have to be committed to make them the best. Each one in assurance that he raised a family he can be proud of.

Tamie is at Mom and Dad’s now until Wednesday. He says he’s feeling weak and still having some pain if he breathes too deeply. This hasn’t stopped him from going to the store for a bit or to the meeting on Sunday. He was even able to spend some time at a congregation picnic Sunday afternoon. He does seem to be pacing himself and takes the time to rest as he needs. His plans are to build up his strength and gain some of his lost weight so he can put up a healthy fight against this cancer.

He and mom were helped to get their wishes recorded by a sister that works at the bank. So they have their financial affairs in order and their wills made out. This wasn’t as big a concern as first thought and with power of attorney, I’ll be able to assist when needed.

I’ve made reservations to fly into OTH on the 28th and plan to stay with Mom and Dad for awhile. We’ll see then if this journal will be helpful in keeping everyone on the same page as to how they are doing. And please post your comments and concerns. We are all in this together.